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Alpha Score’s online LSAT prep course delivers compelling value with their experienced instructors and in-depth explanations, which utilize real LSAT practice questions. The review course includes a full year of access and costs less than the major prep providers, making it one of the most affordable complete LSAT prep options. Read on to find out whether Alpha Score is the best LSAT prep course for you.

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Which Students Are Best Fit for the Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course?

The Alpha Score LSAT prep course is best fit for students who are self-motivated learners and looking for flexibility in their LSAT studies, with the option for personalized help if requested. Additionally, students looking for a budget-friendly option will find this course very affordable relative to most of the larger, major LSAT prep course providers.

Alpha Score Course Overview

Unlike many of the major prep providers, Alpha Score exists as an online-only option, targeting cost-conscious LSAT students who want ultimate flexibility on where and when they study. Students may access the video-based course via desktop, tablet, or mobile device, as well as pick up right where they left off with cross-device syncing. This is a great feature for busy college students and working professionals looking to squeeze in additional study time during a commute, workout, or mealtime. 

Alpha Score offers a complete curriculum with detailed coverage of every LSAT section:

  • Logic Games
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

I was personally impressed with the easy to follow course structure, which blends video lessons and concept review quizzes with PDF cheat sheet downloads, practice problems, and answer reviews in between. Alpha Score’s more than 50+ hours of video instruction are broken down into dozens of bite-sized, pithy segments, which helps students focus on the retention of individual concepts. Additionally, the concept check quizzes that bookend the question level breakdowns and other key learnings are very solid, and they do an excellent job at reinforcing the teachings from the videos. Practice problems are sourced from official LSAT questions from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and include in-depth, effective explanations analyzing each correct and incorrect answer choice with detailed reasoning. 

View of AlphaScore LSAT Prep Course dashboard with video instruction.

Although the Alpha Score LSAT prep course is online-only, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of instructor support. Greg Smith, the founder of Alpha Score, and his small team of highly experienced instructors actively respond to student questions, provide clarification on course material and practice question answer explanations, and will recommend study plans or even offer admissions advice if asked. Each instructor has a minimum of 5 years experience. This characteristic of having a small, highly experienced team of instructors is beneficial to you as a student as you will be less likely to experience any negative variability in the quality of instruction (as tends to happen more frequently at the larger, major prep providers).

Alpha Score LSAT Review Pros and Cons

For a brief overview summarizing what the Exam Strategist team liked and didn’t like, keep reading below.

Alpha Score Course Pros

Engaging and Effective Course Delivery: Cross-device accessibility and synching makes studying for the LSAT very convenient. The straightforward, bite-sized HD video tutorials help with student focus and retention of key concepts and strategies. Greg Smith, the primary instructor, is a good communicator and not only highly qualified but also relatable and down to earth.

Personal LSAT Instructor: Alpha Score gives every enrolled student a personal LSAT instructor for the duration of their course. By working together over time, instructors develop an understanding of where you struggle and tailor their focus according to your needs. This feature of self-paced prep combined with personalized instruction when needed is one of the most frequently cited pros by other students users.

Real LSAT Questions: Utilizing official LSAT questions is a must when preparing for the LSAT exam. Practice question diction and format is critical. Alpha Score prepares students by using authentic LSAT questions from previous years’ exams. Additionally, the in-depth explanations of all right and wrong answers further help students develop their intuition and understanding.

Free 1-Month Trial: Alpha Score offers a one-month free trial, which is significantly longer than other prep providers’ free trials. To sign up, only an email address is required (no payment info). The free trial allows prospective students to sample three lessons from the Logic Games course module, complete 125 official LSAT practice questions, and take one official LSAT exam. This is a great way to determine if you like the course format and delivery. It’s a particularly good trial offer for students who are completely new to the LSAT who would like to sample dozens of official LSAT questions before making a purchase.

Affordable, Budget-Friendly Course: Alpha Score LSAT is a best-value course. Compared to courses with up-front prices of two or three times that of Alpha Score’s, this course is a thoroughly budget-friendly option. Alpha Score’s one-time, up-front price is affordable, and the course provides tremendous value given its 12 months of access and combination of on-demand learning with personalized help as needed.

Alpha Score Course Cons

Reading Comprehension Section is Given Less Attention: Arguably, Alpha Score placed less emphasis on the Reading Comprehension section when designing its course module. This is somewhat understandable given it is a more challenging section for students to improve. Reading Comprehension is also slightly less teachable compared to Logic Games or Logical Reasoning. Rather than their typically engaging video instruction, Alpha Score instead offers audio lectures paired with animated slides for the Reading Comprehension course module. That being said, the module is still an effective resource for learning the necessary Reading Comprehension strategies and includes the usual downloadable PDF resources. The bottom line? If you find yourself in the minority of students needing a specialized course in Reading Comprehension, you may want to consider additional options.

Free Trial Video Lesson Content is Limited: While the short, cogent video lessons are great for those enrolled in the course, it does mean that the three sample videos included in the free trial provide only a brief window into the more than 50 hours of video instruction. Since the videos are short, typically around 8 minutes or so, I was hoping for at least a couple additional videos perhaps all from different sections.

What Do Other Students Say About Alpha Score?

 Alpha Score’s LSAT prep course is a student favorite among the LSAT providers best value category. Specifically, students frequently praise Alphascore for its affordability, ease of use, comprehensive coverage of topics, and teaching methods. See below for a sampling of student testimonials.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course Pricing

Alpha Score provides one of the best value options in the LSAT prep course market. Alpha Score’s primary course offering, the Complete LSAT course, is priced very reasonably at just under $400 (this price is several hundred dollars less than the average price of other major online LSAT prep course providers). Alpha Score’s additional course offering, the Premium LSAT course, is designed as an all-encompassing LSAT prep materials package and priced at just under $800. 

While the two course packages both consist of the same video lessons and tutorials, the Premium LSAT course contains 51 additional official LSAT exams and over 5,000 extra LSAT practice questions (the standard Complete LSAT course contains 10 official LSAT exams and 1,000 LSAT practice questions). For those who are intent on achieving a high LSAT score and plan to put in the time to drill numerous practice questions and practice exams, I recommend considering the upgrade to Premium. After factoring in the cost of separately acquiring additional practice questions and official exams, the Alpha Score Premium LSAT course is a deal at its current price point of $789.

Final Verdict: Is Alpha Score the Best LSAT Prep Course for You?

The Alpha Score LSAT prep course is affordably priced, flexible, and offers personalized help if and when needed. While the video lessons may not quite have the premium feel of some of the major brand name providers, the content and instruction is engaging and effective. Additionally, the thousands of real LSAT practice questions with full answer choice explanations provide more than enough practice for even the most ambitious students. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your LSAT prep needs with high quality instruction and personalized help at an affordable price, Alpha Score just may be the best LSAT prep course for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Alpha Score LSAT Review

Still wondering if Alpha Score is the right LSAT prep course for you? See below for additional answers to frequently asked questions about the Alpha Score LSAT review.

How does the AlphaScore Free Trial Work?

To receive the free trial, simply sign up on the Alpha Score home page, create an account with your email address, and agree to their terms and conditions. You do not need to enter any payment information to receive the free, one-month long trial. The trial includes access to three video lessons from the LSAT Logic Games course module along with one official LSAT exam and 125 LSAT practice questions.

How well is each section of the LSAT covered in this course?

Alpha Score LSAT provides comprehensive coverage across each section of the exam. Some students point out that the Reading Comprehension section seems to have been given less thought. Arguably, the Reading Comprehension section is a bit more challenging to improve upon so it may be understandable for Alpha Score to have given this section less focus. Just something to keep in mind if you’re weak in Reading Comprehension and looking for an LSAT prep course with exceptional coverage of this section.

Does Alpha Score work well on mobile devices?

The Alpha Score LSAT prep course is fully accessible from any mobile device. This is great for both commuters as well as those who like to watch prep course review videos while doing some cardio on a treadmill, elliptical machine, or exercise bike.

Is Alpha Score all online?

Alpha Score LSAT is entirely digital. Students may access the materials through their account online as well as download PDFs of the course materials. Alpha Score does not provide live classes or print textbooks.

What is the refund policy?

 Alpha Score does not provide any type of refund for students. Prospective course enrollees may evaluate Alpha Score’s course quality and content by signing up for a one-month free trial.

Is there a score increase guarantee?

Unfortunately, the Alpha Score LSAT prep course does not offer any kind of score increase guarantee. This is probably one of the bigger negatives for Alpha Score relative to most other LSAT prep course providers which typically provide some type of score-based money back guarantee.

How much does the Alpha Score LSAT prep course cost?

Alpha Score has two primary LSAT course prep offerings:

  • LSAT Complete Course – $389
  • LSAT Premium Course – $789 

Note, the LSAT Complete Course may also be purchased in four monthly installments of $99.

What is the length of access to Alpha Score’s LSAT prep course content?

Alpha Score’s two primary LSAT prep courses offer 12 months of access. While a complete LSAT study plan shouldn’t take longer than six months (even for the most ambitious students), the full year of access for Alpha Score courses is a great benefit in case of unforeseen circumstances, or other life events.

Does Alpha Score offer private tutoring?

Yes. However, Alpha Score does not directly market tutoring services on their website. The best way to get in touch with Alpha Score about their tutoring services is to call them during business hours directly at 1-877-LSAT-PRO (572-8776). While you can use their contact form, I found their potential customer email responses to take 2+ business days for a reply so for those in a rush for tutoring services, I recommend calling them on the phone. Tutoring options include: in-person, online, and over the phone. Tutoring packages may be purchased by the hour, 10 hours, 25 hours, or 80 hours.
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