AP US History Score Calculator

As the AP exam dates approach, it’s important to determine your level of readiness by taking past AP US History (AP US or APUSH) exams released by the College Board. 

To help you prepare for this exam and achieve your desired score, our team has put together an interactive AP US History Score Calculator to show you what AP® score you’d likely receive based on the previous year’s exam. 

AP US History Score Calculator

AP United States History Score Calculator

To calculate what you’d most likely receive on the AP US History, use the sliders below to adjust the 1 multiple-choice section and 3 free response questions. The curve for this score calculator is based on the most recently available scoring guidelines.

AP® US History Score Calculator


Note that the scores determined by our AP Score Calculators should be used as approximations, and your upcoming AP US exam may differ from past AP US exams. The calculator will give you an idea whether you’re close to a potential score cutoff or near your ideal target score range. 

Why Use Exam Strategist’s AP US History Score Calculator?

Exam Strategist uses only the most recent past exams and official scoring worksheets released by the College Board to give you the best estimate of your current APUSH competency level. The score calculator was designed to help students minimize their concerns regarding future scores by better understanding how raw scores on the AP United States History exam are converted to the scaled 1-5 AP® scores. 

Frequently Asked Questions: APUSH Score Calculator

Based on the 2022 AP score distributions, only 10.8% of students received a 5. Alternatively, you would need to have earned 74.6% of the total available composite points on the AP US exam to score a 5. 

In 2022, 15.6% of students received a 4 on the AP US exam. Additionally, you would have needed to correctly earn 61.5% of the total available points to earn a 4 on the AP United States History exam. 

According to the College Board’s AP score distributions, 21.9% of students earned a 3 on the AP United States History exam. In order to achieve a 3 on the 2022 exam, you’ll have needed to correctly answer 48.5% of the questions. 

The multiple-choice section accounts for 40% of the total composite score, while the free-response sections account for 60%. Raw scores are scaled along a grading curve and converted to the 1-5 AP® scores.

Thanks for checking out our AP US History score calculator. Feel free to reach out via our contact page with any suggestions or questions you may have. And best of luck on your 2023 APUSH exam! 


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