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Magoosh is the low-cost leader in online, self-study LSAT prep courses. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a less expensive alternative for a complete LSAT study program. Purchasing individual strategy guide books, practice questions, and old exams would likely equal or exceed the cost of Magoosh’s LSAT prep course. So, how does Magoosh’s LSAT course offering match up to other major and boutique course providers? Continue reading to find out whether Magoosh is the best LSAT prep course for you.

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Which Students Are Best Fit for the Magoosh LSAT Prep Course?

The Magoosh LSAT prep course is best fit for students on a tight budget who want an easy-to-use, on-demand course that provides flexibility for their busy schedules.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Course Overview

The first thing that struck me about this course is that students aren’t required to follow any type of linear, pre-set order for completing the video lessons and accompanying practice questions. Students are free to watch instructional videos from the three LSAT sections (Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension) in any order they choose. While my personal study style is to follow a more structured approach, I know there are many students who may appreciate the laid-back approach to learning the primary concepts and strategies. So, if you are more inclined to follow a formalized, traditional course structure, keep in mind that you may want to try out the course setup first (using the free trial) before considering a purchase. 

While the content of the video lessons itself is good, the video quality and instructional delivery format may not be the most engaging compared to other online LSAT prep courses. Specifically, Magoosh gives PowerPoint-like lectures on a digital whiteboard with instructors giving their lessons verbally (i.e. instructors do not appear on the screen). I didn’t personally mind this as I thought the instructors were still able to show personality and deliver effective lectures, despite the delivery format. However, some students may have a stronger preference for seeing their instructor on the screen with higher quality video technology. Keep in mind this is a budget course and despite the weaker video tech, the content itself is on point and delivers actionable strategies and tips.

Perhaps one of my favorite features from Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is the “custom practice” functionality. The custom practice tab allows you to drill down by LSAT section, question type (what Magoosh calls “subjects”), and question pool (unanswered questions verses both answered and unanswered). This is great for when you’re struggling with a particular question type from a certain LSAT section (e.g. Parallel Flaw questions in the Logical Reasoning section). While some other prep providers have similar custom practice features, I found Magoosh’s to be more accessible and navigable. Additionally, Magoosh provides a “review” tool around their practice question bank (comprising over 7,000 official LSAT questions), which not only allows you to go back and revisit why you got any particular question right or wrong, but also provides you with analytics of your responses. This allows you to identify areas of improvement not just in content, but in pacing as well.

Magoosh LSAT Review Pros and Cons

Continue reading below for a brief overview of what the Exam Strategist team liked and didn’t like about Magoosh’s LSAT prep course.

Magoosh LSAT Course Pros

Score Guarantee: Those with a valid LSAT score prior to enrolling in the course are guaranteed a 5 point minimum score increase. While many of the most expensive courses offer score guarantees, it’s not always common for the budget-friendly courses to do so. In my opinion, this speaks highly of the trusted study materials Magoosh has delivered to their many LSAT students over the years.

Practice Question Analytics and Customization: Magoosh provides some of the best question bank analytics and customization features, especially among the group of lower-priced courses. You can easily identify your weaknesses and target question types where pacing may be an issue.

7-Day Free Trial: Compared to other courses in its tier, Magoosh has one of the more comprehensive free trials when it comes to accessing instructional video content. Free trial users may view 40 video lessons across all major sections of the LSAT (compare this to 3 video lessons that one particular competitor offers).

Ease of Use: Whether you’re on a desktop or utilizing their dedicated LSAT prep app on your phone or tablet, Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is fully accessible across devices and tracks your progress throughout. An added benefit of the app is that you can download content for offline viewing, which can be great for a flight or commute on the subway.

Unbeatable Price: Without a doubt, Magoosh is the least expensive option for a complete LSAT prep package. If you have no more than $300 to spend on LSAT test prep, Magoosh is a clear winner. 

Magoosh LSAT Course Cons

No Personalized Tutoring: While Magoosh does offer relatively fast email assistance (typically under 2 days) to students’ questions, they do not offer any kind of personalization in this area. For example, some other online LSAT courses assign each student a tutor to provide feedback and answer questions for the duration of the course.

Budget Video Presentation Format: Instructional videos are presented in PowerPoint-like format with audio overlay. This likely isn’t a deal breaker for many, but something to keep in mind during the trial to see how well you remain engaged in the content.

What Do Other Students Say About Magoosh LSAT?

Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is a student favorite among those looking for the least expensive option, while still ensuring complete LSAT coverage. See below for what some students have had to say about Magoosh’s LSAT prep course.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Course Pricing

Magoosh offers the least expensive complete LSAT prep course package. Their sole course offering, Magoosh LSAT Premium, is available for $279 for 1 month of access, or $299 for 12 months of access (seems like a no brainer on which option is the better value). Magoosh’s LSAT prep course includes access to LSAC Official Prep Plus, which provides access to over 60 official LSAT exams from prior test dates. This is great because it gives you exposure to practicing official questions on the exact test-taking platform you’ll use on exam day. 

Most students should likely opt for the 12 months of access option ($299) for several reasons:

  • Provides additional time to complete the 90+ video strategy lessons and 7,000+ official LSAT questions (could anyone do that in one month?)
  • It costs only $20 more for 11 additional months of access (interesting pricing strategy…)
  • Magoosh allows you to pause your account in the middle of a subscription if your study plans change

Final Verdict: Is Magoosh the Best LSAT Prep Course for You?

Undoubtedly, Magoosh offers excellent value for the cost-conscious student or busy professional in need of a complete LSAT prep package that offers flexibility. While the video delivery may be a bit lacking compared to other course providers, the content itself is effective at helping students improve their scores on the LSAT. Students who purchase Magoosh will get practical on-demand instruction and more official LSAT practice questions than they could possibly complete along with detailed video and written explanations. So, if you are looking for a trusted, quality course and have no more than $300 to spend on test prep, Magoosh just may be the best LSAT prep course for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Magoosh LSAT Review

Still wondering if Magoosh is the right LSAT prep course for you? See below for some additional answers to frequently asked questions about the Magoosh LSAT review.

How does the Magoosh Free Trial Work?

Students may receive a free trial to Magoosh’s LSAT Premium prep course for 7 days with no commitment (and no payment info required). To receive the free trial, simply create an account with your email address and agree to their terms and conditions. The trial includes access to 20 LSAT video lessons from across the course along with 40 official LSAT practice questions.

How well is each section of the LSAT covered in this course?

Magoosh LSAT provides full coverage across each section of the LSAT. While this program can help you do well on the LSAT (and comes with a 5 point score increase guarantee), it isn’t necessarily the most comprehensive test prep option. Ambitious students looking to familiarize themselves with the LSAT before embarking on a full study plan may find this course to be an inexpensive option in establishing a solid LSAT baseline.

Does Magoosh work well on mobile devices?

The Magoosh Premium LSAT prep course is fully accessible from any mobile device. This makes it easy to watch a quick strategy lesson during a commute or cardio session. Additionally, Magoosh offers free LSAT flashcards to help students master section basics, transitional language, and more.

Is Magoosh all online?

Yes, Magoosh LSAT Premium is 100% online and accessible by any device with an internet connection. 

What is the refund policy?

Magoosh offers students a full refund within 7 days of purchase for any reason. Please note that Magoosh’s LSAT course includes a subscription to LSAC Official Prep Plus ($99). Magoosh is unable to refund this portion of the total course fee, but you’ll be able to keep the LSAC prep access for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Is there a score increase guarantee?

Yes! Magoosh’s LSAT Premium prep course guarantees that you will improve your score by at least 5 points, or get your money back. However, you must have taken an LSAT exam before studying with Magoosh, and your old score must be valid (less than 5 years old). Do note that $99 of the course price is allocated toward a subscription to LSAC Official Prep Plus, which will not be refunded as it is paid to LSAC.

How much does the Magoosh LSAT prep course cost?

 Magoosh has two LSAT course prep offerings:
  • LSAT Premium 1 Month – $279
  • LSAT Premium 12 Months – $299 (hmm… $20 for 11 months more… seems like the obvious choice here)

Note, both options include Official LSAC Prep Plus access ($99, included in the course price).

What does Magoosh mean?

 Magoosh is a play on the Old Persian word magush: wise person.
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