PrepScholar Admissions Review

It’s no secret that the college admissions game is only becoming more competitive each and every year. With more students earning SAT/ACT scores in the highest score ranges than ever before, it’s now that much harder for applicants to stand out

To help address this problem, PrepScholar admissions was founded by Harvard Ph.D. Fred Zhang and Allen Cheng to “level the playing field for college admissions.” The company hires top-tier admissions counselors and claims to be one of the most efficiently run admissions advising teams, saving you time and money (more on that later). 

Continue reading my Prepscholar Admissions review to learn if they could be an ideal fit for your student’s application needs.

About PrepScholar’s College Admissions Services

The first item to note, if you’re not already familiar, is that PrepScholar is primarily an SAT/ACT prep company. This firm’s bread and butter are expert and thorough college entrance exam prep courses. That being said, PrepScholar does excel at college admissions consulting as they’ve helped thousands of students earn acceptances at one of their top 3 schools.

PrepScholar Admissions Pitch

Industry-Leading Consultants

Similar to most firms, students at PrepScholar work with a personal admissions consultant to guide them every step of the way. Although clients won’t receive secondary consultant (blind reviewer) checks or other specialist team resources, such as those provided by Admissionado, PrepScholar’s primary consultants are top-notch with respect to the quality and depth of their admissions background and experience. 

Check out the profiles of some of PrepScholar’s leading consultants below:

Chatine A. – B.S. from MIT in Mechanical Engineering and an M.Arch. from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Specializes in working with STEM students. Recent clients have been admitted to Brown, Caltech, Georgia Tech, and Duke.

Claire G. – B.A. from Columbia University (Early Decision admit). Specializes in crafting compelling narratives given her vast experience as a writer, director, and producer. Former students have gained admissions to Columbia, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale.

Dr. Daniel P. – Degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins and the University of Texas Medical Center. Recent students have earned acceptances at Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and NYU. 

Yuri H. – B.A. in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley. STEM student specialist. Started his admissions career after helping younger sister get accepted to Yale. 

Hannah L. – Yale graduate who double-majored in Biology and Medical Anthropology. Published co-author in multiple medical research journals. Specializes in students with diverse backgrounds. Has mentored students to acceptances at the University of Chicago, Stanford, and more.

PrepScholar Feature Consultants

Prepscholar maintains high standards for their consultants. If any of them fall below the firm’s high rating expectations, they’re quickly let go. This, in addition to their no cookie-cutter approach, means you’ll only be working with time-tested consultants that are proven to get results. 

Packages and Pricing

Unlike many other leading admissions firms, PrepScholar offers a variety of à la carte application services representing varying needs among applicants. Their Complete Admissions Package is similar to the comprehensive packages offered by our other top-ranked firms and is designed for rising and current 12th graders. This package is best suited for students (and parents) who want to leave nothing to chance and receive thorough guidance over the entire application process.

Although the complete admissions package is PrepScholar’s most popular service, I actually think their other, more slimmed down, service options are the way to go for most applicants who don’t feel they need a comprehensive package. But if you do think you’d want a complete admissions consulting service, check out Admissionado or Admit Advantage.

In my opinion, PrepScholar’s Essay Editing package and Application Review Service options are where the firm really adds value and distinguishes itself. Their application review service is a great option for students who have already finished their applications, but would like an admissions expert to provide a complete evaluation and make helpful suggestions and edits before submitting.

If budget is a concern for you, then the application review service is your best value option for ensuring your student’s application has been thoroughly vetted and represents their best self. Pricing is based on the number of school applications you’d like reviewed and starts at $495.

And for those who only need essay editing, PrepScholar consultants can perfect your student’s style, tone, and message with prices starting at $195 for a 650 word essay. This is a cost-effective solution for students who may only need a little polish rather than full essay strategy and guidance.

What Other Students Think About PrepScholar Admissions

PrepScholar’s college admissions service has been consistently praised by students for nearly a decade. Swipe below to read a handful of reviews from past clients. You can also check out some featured case studies on their site as well.

PrepScholar Admissions Review: Strategist’s Take

Bottom line: If you’re looking to stand out from an ever-growing crowd of exceptional students, PrepScholar is a great, budget-conscious option for those who don’t necessarily want a high-end admissions package. PrepScholar is an ideal choice for students who already have enough awareness of their competitive positioning and are only looking for help with editing and strategic suggestions to make sure their applications reflect the best versions of themselves. 

Lastly, PrepScholar does offer a 3-day risk-free refund. This feature is relatively rare in the admissions consulting space (or not particularly well-advertised) and should provide added confidence in the team’s abilities.

PrepScholar Admissions Refund

Alternatives to PrepScholar College Admissions

Although PrepScholar is a great option for college admissions guidance, they’re not necessarily the right fit for everyone. 

If you’re looking for best-in-class, comprehensive admissions consulting services, then I highly recommend Admissionado (our top-rated firm) or Admit Advantage (our best value pick).

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