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Target Test Prep is unique in the GRE prep space for its dedicated, singular focus as a Quantitative Reasoning only prep provider. They offer an exceptionally comprehensive quant course delivered through a modern platform, with high quality, instructor-led HD video lessons and customizable study plans. So, should you consider Target Test Prep for your GRE Quantitative Reasoning studies? Read on to find out whether Target Test Prep is the right GRE prep course for you.

Which Students Are Best Fit for the Target Test Prep GRE Prep Course?

Target Test Prep’s GRE prep course is best fit for students who fall into one of two categories:

  • Those in need of a dedicated Quantitative Reasoning course to significantly improve their quant score (or perhaps eliminate their fear of math for the GRE)
  • Ambitious students looking to ace the quant section and wanting a concrete plan with dedicated resources

Target Test Prep GRE Prep Course Overview

Target Test Prep’s GRE prep course is geared toward students who are willing to put in substantial effort to achieve a very high percentile quant score, or significantly improve their math abilities for the GRE. The course instructors recommend that students spend about 150 hours on average to complete all 38 modules in their intended order. You begin the course by taking a 40-question diagnostic test designed to gauge your current level of understanding. Target Test Prep will then recommend one of six custom study plans. 

After you receive your personalized study plan, you’ll notice the course is divided into two phases: a knowledge, content, and skills development phase, and a practice test phase. Unlike some providers who encourage early practice testing, Target Test Prep maintains a philosophy that students should master the material prior to moving on to taking practice exams. Their knowledge, content, and skills-development modules contain a well-balanced mix of readings, including handy PDF downloads of core concepts, equations, and lecture outlines, videos, and example problems with in-depth video explanations. Additionally, Target Test Prep requires students to complete a series of quizzes or practice sets at varying degrees of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard) and pass with a specified accuracy (depending on your study plan) prior to moving onto the next module. This is great for those wanting the structure and accountability of an in-person course but with the flexibility of an online format.

Personally, I found this course to be intense, but extremely beneficial to mastering the Quantitative Reasoning section. I’d note that some of the hard-level practice quiz questions seemed absurd to me and incredibly unlikely to appear on the exam. However, they were good learning tools as they identified some “unknown unknowns” with respect to the far edges of my fundamental quant knowledge. Although very time consuming, successful completion of Target Test Prep’s program instilled immense confidence in my quantitative abilities for the GRE.

Target Test Prep GRE Review Pros and Cons

For a brief overview summarizing what the Exam Strategist team liked and didn’t like about Target Test Prep’s GRE prep course, keep reading below.

Target Test Prep GRE Course Pros

Best-In-Class Quantitative Reasoning Coverage: To say this course is comprehensive would be an understatement. Target Test Prep ensures that students will raise their GRE Quant scores by delivering an intensive and exceptionally thorough math prep course. While they may drill you on basic concepts and fundamentals at an exceptionally hard level and sometimes in a way unlikely to be tested on exam day, it is for the sake of completeness. This way you will have no anxiety whatsoever about your ability to apply fundamental GRE quant concepts come exam day. 

High Quality Quant Instruction: Target Test Prep’s video quality and instructional content are both top notch. Their team of quant specialists break down more than 600 GRE math problems into their essential concepts with step-by-step strategies in a friendly and high-quality video presentation format.

Multiple Study Plans and an Adaptable Platform: Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Target Test Prep offers six distinct study plans based on students’ target scores and desired length of study. This is great, because both students in need of a great deal of math help, as well as students trying to ace the GRE quant section, can each follow a program targeted to their needs. Additionally, the platform is personalized through adaptable cutoff scores on concept check quizzes to ensure mastery at a level consistent with students’ stated goals. 

Affordable Option for Students In Need of Quant Only Prep: For students in need of dedicated Quantitative Reasoning help for the GRE, Target Test Prep offers a comprehensive and affordable option relative to other quant-only GRE resources such as private tutoring.   

Score Guarantee and Comprehensive Trial: Target Test Prep offers a full refund to students who complete the comprehensive study plan but aren’t able to improve their official GRE score. I can honestly say, from personal experience having completed their course for my own studies, the likelihood of failing to improve your score is extremely low. They also offer a 5-day unlimited-access trial for $1. Although it’s not free, I found it to be significantly more useful than the typical prep provider free trial, which has very limited access. However, if you are looking for a zero-cost way to sample Target Test Prep, sign up for one of their free instructional video webinars. 

Target Test Prep GRE Course Cons

Does not Offer Verbal Reasoning Course: This isn’t necessarily a con so much as a fact about their current prep offerings. More students tend to need greater assistance for their math skills in preparation for the GRE. However, Target Test Prep does have a Verbal Reasoning course in beta for their GMAT prep library. It’s likely they will eventually roll out a verbal course offering, though not necessarily in the near future. 

Requires Purchase of 2 Additional Practice Tests: While 2 GRE practice tests are included in the course, in order to complete the course recommended “Comprehensive Study Plan” students must purchase 2 additional GRE practice tests separately. This isn’t necessarily that big of an ordeal as you’ll likely need to purchase extra official GRE practice tests regardless of the prep provider. 

What Do Other Students Say About Target Test Prep GRE?

Target Test Prep is frequently mentioned as a student favorite among the quant-only GRE prep courses. See below for a sampling of what other students have said about Target Test Prep. 

Target Test Prep GRE Prep Course Pricing

Target Test Prep offers 3 separate pricing plans for its flagship GRE prep course:

  • GRE Flexible Prep: Pay by the month option – $99/month (cancel anytime) 
  • GRE Dedicated: 4 months of access – $299 ($74.75/month)
  • GRE Maximum Learning: 6 months of access – $399 ($66.50/month)

All plans offer unlimited access to Target Test Prep’s full platform, which includes the following:

  • 600+ individual GRE Quantitative Reasoning lessons
  • 3,100+ GRE practice questions
  • 800+ HD videos
  • Analytics and Live Support

Final Verdict: Is Target Test Prep the Best GRE Prep Course for You?

Target Test Prep offers a particularly in-depth GRE quant course at a value price (relative to the alternatives). This is an ideal course for those who are self-disciplined and want to achieve their best quant score possible while still maintaining a reasonable budget. So, if you are looking for an exceptionally thorough and confidence inducing online course to meaningfully raise your quant score, Target Test Prep just may be the best GRE prep course for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Target Test Prep GRE Review

Still not sure if Target Test Prep is the right GRE prep course for you? See below for some additional answers to frequently asked questions about the Target Test Prep GRE review. 

Is private tutoring offered?

Yes, Target Test Prep offers live, online private tutoring services via web conferencing software. A 10 hour bundle is available for $2,250 ($225/ hour), and a 20 hour bundle is available for $4,000 ($200/hour). Students may also purchase by the hour ($250/hour). 

Does Target Test Prep have an app?

Although Target Test Prep does not currently offer a dedicated mobile app, their course platform is designed to work across a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Is there a score increase guarantee?

Target Test Prep offers a full refund to any student whose GRE Quantitative Reasoning score does not increase after completing the course. To be eligible, students must have a valid GRE score prior to purchasing the course and are required to complete all modules from the Comprehensive Study Plan. Full policy details are available here. 

Does Target Test Prep offer a free trial?

Target Test Prep offers 5 days of complete access to their GRE Quant Course for $1. There is no automatic billing upon completion of the trial.  

Is a Verbal Reasoning Course Offered?

Target Test Prep does not offer a Verbal Reasoning course at this time. However, they did release a beta version of their GMAT Verbal Reasoning course in 2020. I imagine they will eventually do the same for the GRE though that may be further out in the future. 

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